Why a Behaviour Consultation?
Puppy Under a Table
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If your pet is displaying problematic behaviour, we must consider the cause. Some behaviours are present due to incomplete training and therefore may only require implementing some training. However, for the majority of “behaviour problems”, there are underlying emotions and motivations that are causing the behaviour. Often it is negative emotions that are at play, with multiple factors contributing to the problem. This is why a thorough history is required to gather information. This will ultimately lead to the identification of the likely cause of the behaviour and will facilitate the behaviour modification plan. “Behaviour problems” that require a consultation include, but are not limited to; aggression, predatory behaviour, fears, phobias and anxieties, separation problems, and repetitive behaviours. If you are unsure if your pet requires a consultation you can contact me for help or speak to you vet. All behaviour consultations require referral from your vet.