What is Dog Training?

Dog training the process of teaching a dog to perform a desired behaviour or stop an undesired behaviour. It uses the principles of learning theory to manipulate a dog’s behaviour. The dog is encouraged to perform a task, or stop an activity. This is paired with a consequence that will make them more likely to repeat the desired behaviour. With repetition of this process, the behaviour or task becomes a common part of the dog’s behavioural repertoire. Dog trainers coach owners on how to train their dogs, and how to better communicate with them in order to get desirable behaviours. Not all training is the same and not all trainers train the same. At Wright Pet Behaviour we use reward based training because it is kind, ethical, helps improve your relationship with your pet, and produces excellent results. Dogs of all breeds and all ages can be trained, but sometimes, when there is an emotional component to the behaviour, the dog will struggle to learn. In these situations, a behaviour consultation may be more appropriate.

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