Behaviour Consultation through Veterinary Referral
- how does it work?
Step 1 - No obligation conversation

Contact me via email or phone to discuss the issues you have been experiencing with your pet. We will discuss whether a behaviour consultation would be beneficial, and I can answer questions about the process. 

Step 2 - Veterinary Referral

All behaviour consultations are seen on veterinary referral. This is standard for any reputable behaviourist. Many behaviour cases have an underlying medical problem causing or contributing to the behaviour. You will be sent a referral form for your vet to fill out.

Step 3 - Questionnaire

On booking the consultation you will receive a questionnaire which you will be asked to complete prior to the consultation. This will enable me to gain background information about your pet and will allow us to go into more depth during the consultation.

Step 4 - The Consultation

This will last approximately 2 hours. We will discuss the development of the behaviour, your goals, and how we can improve your pets behaviour. I will establish a treatment plan which will provide advice on how to modify your pet’s behaviour. I will guide you through how this will work so that you have the understanding and confidence to implement the plan.

Step 5 - The Report

Approximately one week after the consultation, you will receive a full behaviour report. This will include a detailed behaviour modification plan which has been individually tailored to your pet and lifestyle. A copy of the report will also be sent to your Vets.

Ongoing support is available via email, telephone, video call, and follow up sessions (charges may apply).