Dog Training

New puppy? New rescue dog? Need to touch up on your dog's training?
We offer one-to-one training sessions for both puppies and adult dogs.
Services are also available online.

One to One Dog Training
dog running with toy

Training problems may include
- Jumping up
- Play mouthing
- Pulling on the lead
- Poor recall
- Chewing items in the home
- Over excitability with dogs/people
- General disobedience
- Incomplete toilet training

A 1 hour training session at your home, and often also making use of near-by parks/walking space. Training sessions do not require veterinary referral. This service is suitable for puppies, adolescents, and adult dogs who do not have an underlying behaviour problem. The session is tailored to your dog. Perhaps you have a new puppy, perhaps your adolescent dog has lost some of their basic training, or perhaps you have just acquired a rescue dog and would like support with settling them in. Following the session, you will receive a follow up email and training advice sheets.

Additional follow up sessions are available at £40/hour.